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(The 30 year journey of a Columbia University graduate through the World of natural healing: )

   Title:   Thirty Minute Miracles  - Chiropractic  

by Dr. John D. Reid D.C.  please click the following link for helpful notes as well as a direct link to Amazon ( click here):

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ACCELERATED HEALING  A 20 year study by Dr. John D. Reid D.C. -

( Practice began in 1978, but ACCEL healing was discovered in 1992 for wound healing , then by 1995 coordinated for low back and neck spine healing, and has been developed to more and more sophistication over the years. )

Note: IF the below linked Accel healing VIDEOS DO NOT PLAY You may need the LATEST VERSION OF ADOBE flash player or A FAST INTERNET EXPLORER LIKE GOOGLE CHROME MAY BE NEEDED: Click the blue part of this sentence to see : HOW WE DO 50X ACCELERATED HEALING FREE 15 - 20 minute mini course click below for "you tube" version of details during ACCEL induction of adult stem cell closures for non healing wound. AVAILABLE BY CLICK here  

Cancer sufferers please go to the AMAZON .COM  online STORE for a kindle version BOOK ON BEATING CANCER NATURALLY:   Dr. Reid's book Oops, Praise the Lord My Cancer Just Fell Off ! is available on Amazon in the Kindle store (& if you do not own a Kindle device Amazon will give you a free download that at your command will allow your PC to read Kindle so you can order and read any of their 100,000 plus books).


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7. Institute of Spinal Ultrasound:   The Institute for Spinal Ultrasound Imaging  Lead science advisor Dr. John D. Reid D.C.  For doctors seeking training in spine ultrasound imaging techniques from the U.S. patent holder: Online and classroom courses available: Please click here for the exciting details:

8. Minnesota Land Rover Mission     ( a bit of sardonicism) Minnesota Lander Rover MISSION results: yes we've successfully landed our Rover robot unit in Southern Minnesota as of 02/14/04 and will be visiting the mysterious nooks and crannies rarely seen by modern man but still existant in the foggy back waters, hidden spots, and little known places of Southern Minnesota.   Click here:

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(Feature article: Discovery of the method of Adult Stem Cell Activations
and Migrations: - healing with minimal scar tissue, but real good tissue migrations. )

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New  Secrets - of a Natural Healing Doctor              ( Articles LISTED BELOW)

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f. Accelerated healing for Diabetic decubitus ulcers,Accident Damage, and Post Surgical  non healings PLUS

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