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Accelerated Healing For Spine Pain and Non-healing Wounds


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1998-1999 - 2000 - 2004 UPDATE NOTES:

THE MAGIC WAND:  At the bottom of this page is a link to an update for 1999-2004 PLUS a link from that page to a graphics page showing some of the many device designs (The ones I feel are able to be comprehended by the professional or lay readers which implies there are device designs which do things of a positive healing nature which are not comprehensible without extensive educational introduction, which could be a true implication!)  So relax and study a little bit, and then when you finish here you can go to a search engine and type in "Accelerated healing" and see what happens - the USA is extremely far behind the times globally relative to this branch of healing technlogy.

Healing rates decubitus ulcers 25X normal:  (For "Wand" style devices:)

Healing of non-healing ulcers as well as "non-healing" post surgical wounds: Healing of spine injuries, limb injuries of soft tissues, sports injuries, tendons, ligaments, muscles, skin, subdermal tissues:  ACCEL accelerated rates of healing vary from 10X to100X usual and customary depending upon the condition and the patient physical conditioning.  

Healing rates 25X normal:  (For high volt non monitored "Wand" style devices:)

Healing rates 100X normal: (For low volt U.S. monitored style devices:)

Applications Missionary work (light weight can be recharged from solar or generator), nursing homes (easy to employ) , hospitals, physical medicine clinics, possible perscription device for rental to diabetics for simple at home therapy regimens:

Commercial advantage: Extremely cost effective care, BIG savings for insurers:

I love clinical research work, the interaction of innovation and patient needs:   Since this was written (1997-1998)  I have proceeded onward employing ultrasound scanning technology to observe deep soft tissue reactions:  My observations of the initial style of therapy here-in elucidated, as well as data gathered from literature/internet research finally resulted in design and prototype creation of a simple, portable, "wand" type device which induces the accelerated healing effect, but is not so time of application sensitive.   (Too long application does NOT result in shut down of effect when wand is employed.)    (Simple inexpensive audio based monitoring allows rough but adequate judging of application time.)    THUS THE NECESSITY FOR A $20,000. ULTRASOUND SCANNER UNIT HAS BEEN MINIMIZED, THE APPLICATION HAS BEEN SIMPLIFIED, AND RESULTS SO FAR (12 MONTHS) HAVE BEEN EXCELLENT ON A CONSISTANT BASIS:  Suitable for technician, nurse, PT, or doctor use, weighing less than 10 Oz.'s, the device family has been a constant delight and allowed extremely cost effective care this year.  This more or less final design represents one of approximately 12 innovative designs in physical medicine, so I think I am ready for investors.  Approximately $250,000. from a group or an individual would be needed to prepare a corporate structure with due diligence accounting work which then could be taken public.  Having been president of Vivo Inc. on a bootstrap basis I have zero desire to bootstrap anything again in this life time, BUT a well financed corporate structure could provide a means to propagate all the technologies developed.  Qualified investors and principles please contact me at Soniclin@aol.com or Dr. John D. Reid D.C., 493   37th St. N.E., # 7, Rochester, Mn. 55906 or set up a telephone appt. by calling 507-281-4040 stating clearly that you are a principle or qualified investor interested in discussions:  24 / 7 SECURE answering machine available for late night calls:

SEC and FDA disclaimer statements:  [ The wand as well as other devices described here-in are not FDA approved, but are FDA exempt so long as employed by me in my own private practice as built from my designs in my private practice laboratory.  They may not be sold nor transmitted in any way from my practice to other doctors until such time as FDA approval is attained:  FDA passage (PMA or 510K) is NOT planned without sufficient investment for follow-up corporate creation and marketing structures.  Claims of efficacy made here-in are strictly announced for scientific purposes and are not an invitation for sale, nor an invitation for investment in any presently existant corporate or private structure.]

Details & Historical notes: 1992-1999

In private practice for 18 years I employed electrical stimulation for many purposes including pain control. I taught acupuncture for a short period of time as a visiting professor at NW College .

Electrical stimulation is a known tissue stimulating modality, BUT I have never seen consistant results and such near miraculous results as we are now able to attain with monitored stimulation. The simple reason is that until I propagated ultrasound scan technology for soft tissue diagnostic purposes we never really had a method for observing patient by patient deep soft tissue reactions. Beyond theory and "learned speculations" we can now simply observe the actual effects of therapy as it is being administered! At times this can be a bit rough on the ego of the therapist, but we are here for the sake of our patients, we are not here for the sake of our own egos. The ultrasound technology has allowed us to see what works and simply what does not work to accomplish a given task.

My electronics interests allowed me to combine practical clinical knowledge of "what worked" with circuitry changes to design stimulators as well as protocols for use which simply "work" beyond anyone's previous wildest dreams for tissue regeneration and accelerated healing. If you have employed electrical stimulation for wound healing think of your most marvelously successful patient-case instance and then multiply the rate of response by 10X and then imagine total reliability and predictability!


In 1992 as my USA patent constructed by Merchant & Gould Patent Attrny's (John Rooney Attrny) FOR ULTRASOUND SCAN OF NERVE ROOT INFLAMMATION SIGNS was granted by the Patent office,  the New York Times published a Saturday business section article (March 1992) on this country doc from Southern Minnesota who had discovered a method of using ultrasound to diagnose back pain more accurately than ever before possible. Our telephone started ringing at noon on Saturday and never stopped for three or four weeks.

Our first machine system sale followed shortly there-after and Vivo Inc. was off and running trying to successfully transition from R&D to producion almost overnight.    It was a glorious adventure of orders coming in so fast we lost track of them BUT ALSO patients flying in from all over the United States to be examined. I think it was during this time that a tremendous sadness entered my soul. We could clearly see what was wrong with these hopeless and lost of the pain universe, but 9 times out of 10 there was not much to be done.  A conditon two years old or more simply would NOT refresh and start healing again under the influence of any therapy known at that time. 1992

The patients often were happy just to carry pictures from the ultrasound scanner and a report back home with them finally knowing precisely what was wrong. I felt more and more frustration with the inadequacy of our therapeutics.    The patient could either be filled with pain killer meds and walk through life like a zombie, or they could be awake and alive and be in sometimes terrible, sometimes just nagging, but always in pain.

Out of this episode of the adventure grew my resolve to engage "Seeing is Believing Practice Style "(tm.), ie. simply have the scanners running all the time and watch deep in the tissues the pre, the post, and the "during" administration reactions to therapy whenever possible.

I knew my chances of ever seeing anything useful were slim at best. I was taking a multiple possibilities technology for observations:

Frequencies from 1.25 to 10 Megahertz:

Crystal pack per cm. densities of infinite variety machine to machine:

Angulation varieties which ranged from practical 45'+ to 45'(-):

Infinite gain (amplifier) controls:

Diversely varied gamma controls:

Variable power out-puts:

Linear. curvilinear, and sectoring transducer designs:

AND EMPLOYING ALL THIS POTENTIAL to try to observe tissue changes the nature of which I had only the barest, most slim intuitive inkling:

AS A RESULT OF THERAPIES which could be varied in some cases almost as much as the ultrasound scanner systems could be varied:

(Example: E-Stim)

Frequencies from 10 to 200 cycles/sec.  thought potentially effective.

Voltages from 9 to 90 thought potentially effective:

Wave widths from 1 to .00001 miliseconds:

Wave specific shapes from sine to faradic to "h", to "n" to "nq":

Simultaneity possible among wave shape outputs (Russian):

Logically speaking the project was like three roulette wheels: Scanner Wheel: Tissue Wheel: Therapy Design Wheel: and a "discovery" would require all three wheels to stop at "red 7" at the same moment:

My discoveries (twelve major to date) therefore must be seen as relying upon:

Gd's Grace: Intuition combined with knowledge: Hours and hours and hours of careful observations: Hours and hours of library research:

and again, Gd's Grace:

I was very blessed in that I had at my disposal multiple ultrasound systems, PLUS I personally had been building electrical stimulators since 1976  and even owned a few from 1897 due to my historical interests:  (YES, not a mis-print, TENS units from the year eighteen ninety seven with walnut box cases and still working components!)

Gd's Grace:   (year 1992 )Sports fellow comes into practice: injury 6 -8 inch muscle tear with bleeding in major leg muscle:  prognosis six weeks with rehab after initial calming therapies:  BIG emotional upset:    I learn he must be ready in 48 hours to demonstrate prowess before college coaches or will lose scholarship: IMPOSSIBLE dilemna:

U.S. scan observtions undertaken while administering therapy => results Three hours later fellow calls in and states he has been jogging mildly and all seems O.K., I order back to bed rest with re-exam in next A.M.:  appearance of tissues is clean from 1 to 11 cm. deep, no bleeding signs, no spasms, minimal scar tissue!:    Cautious exercises increased through-out that day, demonstrates prowess next A.M. to college coaches, gets scholarship!  I follow up intensely observing EVERY patient there-after trying (and succeeding) in duplicating screen appearances and fast tissue healing effects: name the therapy protocols ACCEL:)

With grace and much hard work twelve different advanced therapies were finally revealed:  I named them the ACCEL therapies for ease of reference since they are so far superior to anything else I've ever employed that they actually can hurt a practice income base by healing people 10 to 100 times faster than usual.  For a private practicioner this can mean 1/10th to 1/100th the income so they must be integrated into a practice very carefully lest they become destructive to the very practice they are supposed to help.

Monitored with ultrasound scan in specific frequencies, gamma, and technique, the ACCEL effect can be seen and pictures recorded as to "pre" and "post".

Fortunately with income as President of Vivo corp.   I had the margins to explore integration of ACCEL with my private practice and realized a nice low stress high success formula before suffering financially.  A private practice fee for services doctor therefore will need training in use of the therapy and then how to integrate the therapies without hurting his practice, but rather using the therapies to build the practice.  Engaging the therapies is therefore NOT the place for rebels or "know it all" personalities.  (Unless they have a $150,000. or more side income source so they can learn on their own how to integrate.)   ACCEL can cut income for a doctor if employed for every patient, since people heal very very fast:  Present time, 11/08/00,   target market for doctors would be failed patients from other clinics.  This "failed" market is very lucrative, fairly independent of insurance hassles (cash pay or grateful insurance adjusters), and spiritually very rewarding.

So, the ACCEL therapies are actually nice to work with once one is trained properly since the therapist has pretty close to total command of the physical and can actually see deep into the tissues to KNOW for certain whether a therapy session was a "good take" or a "failed take".     Additionally the diagnostic aspects of ultrasound orthopedic scan are actually fun too.    Low stress and high success are a nice way to live especially if you desire to access the "failed care market".


there are thousands of people out there aching, suffering, screaming with pain who defy the average hospital (and even the above average hospital) both for diagnosis and care. It is a large market of the lost and hopeless who not only many times pay cash for services, but bless you when you afford them relief.

Amazingly this market lies NOT in the worst physical problems area, but somewhere in the confused murky gray area between mild problems which resolve through any sort of bungling attention, and the severe MRI diagnosable things which require surgery.    Patients in this profile arrive at my clinic door-step daily.   Many of you  doctors have received some of this type. The stories usually involve a month or two with pain-killing Meds, muscle relaxants, and/or physical therapy, exercises, or some other helter skelter discoordinate combination of failed care rotating around five different diagnosis from five different hospital experts.   The MRI was negative or revealed a mildly bulged disc barely contacting the thecal sac!   The patient however is hollow eyed from lack of sleep and wracking pain day and night.

(Or the patient has had a wound which simply will not heal despite every medical expert opinion and dozens of tried and failed therapies.)

I was in practice for fifteen years without ultrasound scan, so I know the difference between regular practice (mostly blind with educated guesses) and the comfort zone of low stress when inflammation signs as deep as 15cm can be pinpointed with "Seeing is Believing" ultrasound scan technology.

WITH ultrasound scan the problems of these pitifully lost people become fairly instantly clear. (One fellow said he came to me before committing suicide the pain was so bad for two years he just could not stand to live if I couldn't help him! Two days later he was 40% free of pain and has continued to improve steadily to the point where he is smiling when he comes in for care now.)  From edema signs under the longitudinal ligament (sign of ligament separation from bone) to muscle spasms, to ligament /tendon stress reactions,  the ultrasound makes the clinical profile quite easy to see.    Failed hospital patients are usually plagued with multiple subtle problems all loading the nerve root which each "expert-specialist"  comprehended only in partial detail (the part which matched his or her  specialty). Treating all the subtleties simultaneously works wonders.

It is so easy, and so much fun to see those smiles of relief in a week or so.

Also of course the ability to show the patient the tremendous before and after benefits of therapy on a daily basis makes "patient management" a breeze.   Did Dr. Reid do it, or was it just healed up anyhow is NO LONGER A QUESTION since the patient watches his or her own tissues on a video screen in real time reacting to the adjustment, the therapies, just everything!

Summation: ACCEL heals impossible and usual soft tissues, it exerts a 25X to 100X influence which can mean the difference between non-healing and healing, or costly verses cost effective:

Patients find the accelerated healing very satisfying and comfortable with very high patient acceptance.

Alcohlics do not repond well if at all.

Bone healing must be accompanied by pain killing meds in the perscription range (morphine) since pain is usually exquisite and intense for the 60 to 90 minutes from "failed healing fracture" to   "refreshed knitting fracture" status change.   Piezo electric side effects of rapidly healing "hard tissues" ie. bone apparently can stimulate pain fibers intensely.

Note:* The majority of applications in my practice have been soft tissue healing:

I invite you to call, fax, or E-mail me if you are a principle or qualified investor so we can share this family of discoveries with those who need them while making strong profits for any commercial structure engaging the FDA passage and marketing of this family of technologies.      507-281-4040 to arrange tele: appt. E-mail soniclin@aol.com

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