Date: 12/31/05

O.K. I've received a few E-mails about my opinions on prayer.

Some folks have asked just who the heck I think I am to give out opinions on prayer.  Well folks I've noticed over my years of practicing watching all your lives pass by as I treated people, that science is not the answer to how your lives flow.  Present day science is a hollow mechanical type thing that explains how chemicals interact, or DNA re-combines, but basically ignores the BIG things like how life works.  How does mortal man relate to an immortal God who loves him, but also allows that man free will, and how does that affect a man's life?  I do not claim to have all the answers by any means, but I think I've observed carefully and have some important hints and clues.

#1. God loves you and gave his only son as a man child to prove once and for all time that a man as a species entity has the capacity to give the ultimate LOVE.

#2. LOVE and the ability to express love through actions and words is therefore apparently extremely important as relating to humanity's right to continue as a race.  I suspect, but have no proof, that after the Apple incident and genetic alterations there-by in the garden of Eden the serpentine satanic group argued that MAN was simply an over hyped screwed up robotic android species and should simply be destroyed, and so make a new model, and we won't mess with it second time around, and let's forget the whole thing ever happened. The decisions from the FATHER CORE GODHEAD involved punishment for the serpentines of no arms and no legs genetically forever, and the beginning of a development for the ultimate MAN to prove or disprove the serpentine claims.  If a man could LOVE to the ultimate degree, then the human race was worthy of continuance.  Robotic androids cannot love.  True BEINGS can love.  That's all that mattered, does matter, and will matter.  Can you LOVE your fellow man as yourself?   (note: Today's genetic scientists are admitting that fructose (fruit sugar) is the ideal carrier of genetic engineering substances, so a garden of medicinal fruit restoratives with genetic restorative factors is not so far fetched anymore.  See genesis for "the tree of life", "the tree of the knowledge of good an evil", etc.)

#3. Christ as "Savior" can be seen as a multi-dimensional term.  Forgiveness of sins, proof of humanity's ability to LOVE, etc. etc.)  The salient point is that positive LOVE is THE factor, all else pales in comparison.

#4. Relative to the science of prayer,  I have seen evidence that the conscious mind thoughts are prayers, the formal prayers are prayers, and the subconscious thoughts are prayers, emotions factor in too, BUT there is a LOVE filter built into the system so that a prayer that is not self loving can be modified for your best interest BUT ALSO there is a free will factor built into the sytem.  Thus under the free will principle if your thoughts are always negatively charged the holy spirit will do its best to deliver tommorrow as lovingly as possible BUT MUST WORK WITH WHAT YOU SEND.  Generate constant purple thoughts and emotions and you will get purple tinged tomorrows.  Pink thoughts and happy emotions and you will get as happy as possible tomorrows.  Look at Job's laments where he states "My worst fears have come upon me."  He apparently was obsessing on fearful negative things, so despite this tendency to be negative, his virtue was unshakable faith that God was good and THE Lord of his worship.

#5 Try to keep faith that the Lord LOVES YOU, and only good shall follow you all the days of your life and you will live in the house of the Lord forever.  Stay 110% positive in this.

#6  BUT forever is a long time (actually transcends time completely) so follow the will of the Lord in your life. Your life here is indeed a blink compared to your destiny with God.  As a very high level pastor once said (Pastor Wes Gabel of Bethany United Methodist Rochester, Mn.) Jesus was born in a manger!  If the situation was simple and straight up Jesus should have been born in the Royal Hilton Gainey Ranch, Arizona,  in a royal suite.  There is an over-all plan which can over-ride our individual plans and prayers quite a bit at times, so always pray "not my will but thy will be done".  Usually your will can be answered royally with cups running over and bins overflowing with grain, but occassionally a person is especially blessed by being chosen for a special assignment.  If you get chosen accept the grace of the Lord.  (This may be difficult since historically God chooses the toughest most rebellious, strong willed characters for special assignments.  Read about Jonah and Moses too.  I mean Moses was something else.  A bush bursts into flame and starts talking to him and he stands right up to it and asks: "Who are you, where did you come from, who made you?"  God was patient and loving and actually answered Moses willful questions!)

#7 But be specific and clear about YOUR WILL.  Give the good Lord something to solidly consider. Make blue prints, draw up business spread sheet plans, make pictures in color, but also make sure it is self loving.  Do not construct a business plan that has you working 100 hours a week and ignoring your family and friends and finally dying of exhaustion alienated from real life but with a ton of money in the bank and expect the Lord to deliver it. But above all else BE SPECIFIC and CLEAR.  Too often I meet Christians who "want a better job."  Well?  How many hours a week, doing what, what would you love to do?  How much pay per hour, per week, per month?  Do you want an hourly or a salary per week?  The Lord has trouble giving out concrete results in response to fuzzy prayers.  Remember you have free will, so handing you something concrete in exchange for a fuzz ball prayer may be forbidden by the rules of free will!  Pray solidly and thankfully.

#8  Yes, thankful prayer is the best prayer.  My example:  "Lord thank you for the hundreds of positive people who seek my services and healing guidance.  If it be thy will lead me to designs for my clinical life that can accomodate even more people per week, with highest quality and loving service, remind my patients to tell their friends, so they gain greater health and happiness surrounded by friends and loved ones who are also healthy, successful, and happy. In Jesus name Amen."

Now really, these are just my opinions from decades of observing lives passing by.  They are not written in stone so any comments are welcomed as we all learn together.  E-mail with subject "BLOG"

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