Date:02/27/06 Adult Stem Cell Migrations achieved in an assured fashion:

Activation of adult stem cells seems to be achieved by the Accel family of therapies:  Non healing wounds light up with vitality and then heal but not only faster!  They seem to consistently heal with beautiful closures of the wound due to migration of the surrounding tissue types in an orderly fashion.  Healing is from the bottom upward (no ceiling overs, no cystic problems and need for surgical debriding of a false ceiling), and healing is mostly due to tissue migrations from the lateral edges and cephalad and caudad edges inward resulting in a thin joinder line (about the thickness of a pencil line) of final scar tissue.  Very high quality healing:

Example: 2cm wide by 4 cm long by depth to the bone non healing wound (12 months under hospital auspices) healed in 36 sessions over 3 months approximate.  Total cost at my office in the neighborhood of $1,200.  {29 year old male machinist post surgical non healing wound below ankle with prior surgical re-surgical muscle graft failed 50% in 30 days post re-surgery and then a further 11 months hopeless non-healing wound as stated above, with surgeons strongly suggesting amputation at ankle to prevent infection.}  CLINICAL EXPERIENCE: Diabetic non-healing skin ulcers also respond well to this family of Accel (tm.) devices in conjunction with blood sugar control protocols. Vasculitis non healing ulcer clusters also respond well to this family of Accel devices in conjunction with alternative herbal therapies such as Pectin and Horse Chestnut supplementation.

My concept of harmonizing Accel therapy administration to the pulse beat has yielded remarkable upgrade to the Accel therapies, despite the fact that I did not think Accel ever could be better.  A final problem with Accel has been that hypersensitive and auto-immune patients too often over-reacted to Accel with crazy intense healing rates that caused some aching after a treatment session.  Thus great discretion was required to choose non hyper sensitive and non auto-immune patients for candidacy to receive the full powers of low volt pulsed Accel formats.

By linking the patient's pulse rate precisely to control the stimulation packets release, somehow this rebound aching has been neutralized.  My impression is that the body healing centers of the CNS accept this style of harmonious packets release in such a way that the amount of stimulation of healing is always perfectly correct for the body tolerances.  In other words it is acceptable and also (maybe more importantly ) manageable by the reflex center such that OVER REACTIONS ARE AVOIDED.

 The strange thing is that total time of application is shorter or the same as the non-linked Accel, so the pulse per pulse power seems stronger than previously mapped, and yet the reaction for acceleration of healing is never overly intense to the point of lymph overloads-high pressures- and residual aching.

SECOND BREAK THROUGH THERAPY STYLE:  Two patients rejected gel contact pad administered low volt PHASE based upon their modest desires to remain clothed.  I therefore designed and built a magnetic pulse unit similarly set to output in the range of the patient's pulse rate.  This unit (in addition to being able to administer through clothing) also seems to behave well as an alternative if the low volt does cause rebound aching.  Apparently the magnetism bursts are even more acceptable and manageable.  Statistics follow:

Of 30 patients who permitted administration of P.H.A.S.E. low volt gel contact 1 patient had unpleasant but not too severe aching for two days afterward.  Healing results were excellent upon re-examination, however the aching residuals were basically unacceptable. This patient responded excellently to the MAG PHASE alternative with NO aching residuals.  (The only draw back to MAG PHASE is psychological in that the patient feels nothing at all during administration.)

The remaining 29  patients all enjoyed deep relaxation to the point of near sleep effects during administration of the PHASE gel contact low volt, as well as good healing for 24 to 48 hours afterward (10X to 50X usual and customary healing rate), and no aching residuals of any intensity of significance (no interference with usual activities).

Requests by the patients for re-administration were 100% for these 29 patients.

Healing effects ranged along the following examples parameters:  

Patient case #1. 75% lessening of pain after one session for a recalcitrant syndrome of thoracic vertebral collapse syndrome with halting of hyper-kyphotic progression, and cessation of regular daily pain pill use: 

Patient case #2:  Relief of symptoms and signs (on ultrasound scan) of a chronic recalcitrant severe right leg sciatica (+4 of poss. 4 pain from spine to right hip to ankle with duration 1 year prior, and palpable nerve tenderness in the right medial and lateral calf) with merely residual +2 pain just immediately paraspinal bilateral S3 after two PHASE sessions.  (The patient had received 11 approx. prior sessions with non harmonious Accel, nutritional support, and adjustments with audible release twice, previously from me with no progress until PHASE was administered.)   Nerve shift was observed during the second PHASE session with a severely inflamed L5 right side nerve root shrinking down toward invisibility while the left side root slowly peeked into just barely visible status.  My impression was the disc bulge had shifted and shrunk from severe right lateral posterior to bilateral lateral posterior mild to moderate.  My further impression was that the patient had a thinned disc with most slim safety margins and thus she was encouraged to seek surgical consult while sessions here continued to explore maximum potential for this new therapy style.  Patient age is in the 60's and thus she is not the best surgical candidate, however surgical consults, hospital imaging, and testing continues simultaneous to treatment continuations here.  The patient is very pleased for the relief of the old neuritis pain Rt. side and understands the bilateral ache of moderate intensity MAY be the best that conservative care has to offer.

It is 1 A.M. so more examples will not be given tonight, however quite a few more are in the records here and P.H.A.S.E continues to please my patients and I.  A few patients with non-healing diabetes related or post surgical wounds are needed to precisely map PHASE results cm .by cm. since as always with Accel therapies it is the surface wounds that really prove the efficacy of any of the Accel family of devices and protocols.  Usual Accel effects are healing from the bottom up, closure of any widths and lengths with adult stem call migrations, and very high quality minimal scar tissue healing at rates from 10X to 100X usual and customary.

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