What a surprise, Friday Dr. Silbaugh from Belvidere Ill. surprised us with a visit.  (He is an old school chum from Chiropractic College):  He has a knack of showing up just in time for some family project, whether it is painting, or construction, or research he is always happy to join in the fun of whatever Linda and I have cooking.  His service attitude has no limits and his heart is as big as the sky.  

This week-end I planned to continue a re-organization of one storage unit we have down in Hayfield, since I wound up with too many vehicles in the driveway this year.  (Two motorcycles, one Honda Spree, a Chrysler Van, A Saturn SC2 sports car, two Buick Le Sabres).  Now I'm a HillBilly at heart and love to just look at them all each morning as I drive ONE to work, but Lee Iaccoca and my wife Linda both agree, you can only drive one at a time.  So after calling in security people to shred a third of the storage (old patient files) and recycling the non-Hippa papers, I was ready to recycle some iron frames and girders and re-organize storage to hopefully fit at least one car.  Foolishly, Dr. Silbaugh showed up looking for some exercise!

(Note to young doctors just starting out, try to pick a demographic which will support 30 years of practice.  Hayfield slowly evolved from a small farm town into a suburban bed-room community, and the bedroom population was not played to by the businesses.  Every business except my clinic there closed at 5P.M. approximately and noon on the week-end, and the new folks (who were rapidly replacing the former citizens) had no magnetism to draw them to downtown, and got into the habit of coming home to eat and sleep, period, end of statement.  I had to close the clinic after a year of red ink on the balance sheets and relocate to my present Rochester Mn. clinic as the one and only.  Cleaning out and closing down after 26 years in practice was a grueling three month intense process of moving things carefully to: A. The dumps.  B. The new laboratory. C. The Rochester clinic to upgrade room two.  D. Leased storage space.  E. Home.  F. Give away.  I say it was grueling since nothing could move until I tagged it as to intended destination, PLUS some of the clinical items were quite delicate and needed special packing.   I actually employed a digital camera, put the JPEGS of each Hayfield room on computer, overwrote intended destination labels, and then printed the sheets well into the wee hours of each night so that the moving team could commence the next day.  Some items like the 800 Lb. X-ray transformer required the actual building or renting of special cranes etc.  Be as certain as possible that your chosen demographic will support growth harmonious to your continued success BEFORE setting up your clinic.)

Dr. Silbaugh and I spent many an hour as students repairing a car or something to get us to class.  Some of the repairs were done in ten below zero weather while lying on our backs in one foot deep snow, so working some project together is a sort of nostalgia.  Of course while moving 80 Lb. frames into the van for transport and wrestling steel girders onto the truck we chatted Chiropractic, bio mechanics, and physiology fairly continually.  It's part of the nostalgia thing.  This session of course I was expounding upon the virtues of Arginex for the cardio vascular system as a complete pre packaged balanced plan to rejuvenate a person from head to toes.  The core is L-arginine, but amino imbalances can happen unless the supporting factors are in the formula, and the Arginex people have the correct formula down to the last "T".  It was a happy six hours of work without a break until he and I both realized our reflexes were getting sloppy, and our legs were having trouble moving up any steps.  Both of us were pretty frozen too since the storage building is not heated at all.  So with the project just about finished and the two of us exhausted, we hit the trail for home base.

Man oh man Linda had Ravioli with fresca suace waiting and food never tastes so good as when you are tired, wet, frozen, and starving!  Hats off to her too since early in the day we had promised her a dinner out.  She had worked in her antique and collectibles shop sorting Christmas related items all day too, so her grace in making a meal was greatly appreciated.

After a beautiful night's sleep interrupted only briefly by a crazy November thunderstorm, it was church the next morning of course.  A beautiful and educational sermon by Wes Gable about God's love and grace and its implications for prophecy.  Then brunch with Rochester friends from church, we were discussing many things including whether it is "tempting the Father" to pray for a straight up miracle when Medical or Alternative herbal etc. help is readily available.   I'm in favor of what works well and what works the most humanely and best outcome.  I really think it is tempting God to pray for a straight up miracle because you do not want to spend the money or time on health care through usual Medical or Natural means.  "Jump off this cliff!"  (It is a perfectly good cliff.) "It is written do not tempt the Lord thy God."  Conversely if the Medical solution is to spread your chest like a large disctionary being opened, put you on a heart lung machine, and patch into the heart supply system three veins from your leg, and you do not or cannot stand even the thought of the terror and pain proposed, then praying for knowledge and the ability to employ a more humane soultion I think is just fine.  Even Jesus often required the patient suffer some sort of physical action like mud on the eyes or washing in a dirty river.  Straight up BANG BOOM miracles I think should be requested only in specific circumstances that offer no other reasonable humane solution.  Outcomes are important too, if you request a straight up BANG BOOM ZAP type miracle and it does not happen, face the truth, you have been rebuked!  You flunked the course, better re examine your belief system and learn how to do it correctly in the correct circumstances.  Talk to miracle workers, learn HOW TO and WHEN TO and WHAT TO ASK FOR.  I mean if a person starts coughing in the middle of a prayer meeting and the leader prays for an instant miracle and the coughing person keeps coughing himself or herself half to death it defaces the power of the Holy Spirit and mocks the power of the Lord in the eyes of the witnesses unless everyone simply realizes the leader FLUNKED to ask properly.  Better maybe to ask the audience if anyone has a lozenge or cough drops and solve a simple problem simply, or ask if there is a doctor in the house and let him or her solve the person's problem.  (or dial 911?)  A few swallows of soothing cool ice cream resolved things in the instance I'm thinking about.  {The science of prayer is an exacting science in my opinion.)

I think Jesus or the apostle Paul mentioned that to take the time and trouble to give a thirsty person a drink of clean water is preferable to praying for them to not be thirsty and taking no simple direct action.  Realizing that physical science depends upon God's will the action can be seen as a type of prayer.  No scientific guarantees really since a diabetic might NOT have his or her thirst quenched by a glass of water, so by giving the water we are praying that it will indeed quench.  Oh well, no one stoned me so dinner ended pleasantly enough despite my preaching.

Then off to the Women's craft show !  I met a neat Naturopathic doctor at the craft show selling health related items and spent an interesting hour talking with her while Linda shopped.  Also a good friend Mick King from "Stress Solutions" was there offering sample massages (he has a great technique and some other friends rave about how good he is), and I spent some time chatting with him and his wife Valerie too.  Time was awasting though so off Linda and I went to do the week's food shopping after bidding Dr. Silbaugh a fond fare-well.  

While purchasing non growth hormone organic meat I visited with the fellow next door to the food market, and heard about his triple by-pass and the $70,000. bill he received and how Medicare helped out.  I felt sorry that he came to natural health ways too late to avoid the agony and terror of a by-pass procedure, but at least he is well now except for a leg infection that hopefully will respond to antibiotics sooner or later (still a bit of a problem 6 weeks after surgery). I advised him to "bother" his medical doctor and tell the fellow the antibiotics are not working well, but the patient has his own ideas.  GodBless. (My philosophy after 28 years of practice is: "You do what you can for those you can help and bless the rest." ) {People sometimes have their own ideas which maybe do not harmonize well with science or prudence, but sometimes work out anyhow. If you argue too hard for reason all you do is make enemies.} By the time we got home it was buckle down for work Monday time, with reports to write, laundry to do, food to prepare for the week, and the usual late Sunday routines.  Be well, sleep well, in God's Love and Grace:  

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