Date: 11/28/05

Alternative Care stuff has as high a percentage of pure baloney as does drug based medicine these days in my opinion, so I may exercise my laboratory here and there to prove or disprove seeming nonsense claims.  Just because there is a problem with technology does not automatically mean the alternative "energy devices" can solve the problem.  "Energy" as a term is flung around much to loosely for my tastes in the alternative healing world.  Of course as a professor of mine once said: "If a billion people use something for thousands of years, maybe we better take a close look!"

So I purchased two "magic buttons" (this past week-end ) which are supposed to mellow out and make friendly cell phone electro motive emissions I have my grave doubts.  But then I always have grave doubts about any alternative stuff.  The best stuff always sounds completely rediculous to my Western "science" trained mind.  This stuff (the magic buttons) though are indeed subject to testing and Conservative Care Quality Assurance Labs will indeed start a series of tests.  How little buttons made from plastic and aluminum can alter a big fat blast of cell phone output energy is a real mystery. They also cost over $20. for the little blob of plastic nothing, so if it does alter the energies it is a wonder, and if it does not it is one of the bigger rip offs of the alternative World of healing!   It takes a lot of naivette' to purchase shirt buttons for over $20. a piece under the blind faith assumption that they can alter a watt of pure microwave energy and make it harmless.   

Let's keep it simple.  The manufacturer claims that 15 minutes talking on a cell phone heats the skull and brain via energy waves into the ear canal.  They show infra red images on their brochures to prove it.  O.K.  so I have a thermometer which measures body temperature by measuring the ear drum temperature.  Now if I am frying my brain I should be frying the ear drum along the way, so here's the simple protocol using a simple ear temperature thermometer (about $79.95 at many dept. and drug stores for this simple device):  

Measure the ear drum temperature at a certain time of day after acclimation inside a building for an hour or more.  II.  Talk on a cell phone for fifteen minutes:  III. Measure the ear drum temperature again.  IV. Record all measurements carefully as to time and room temperature.  V. after an hour or so measure the ear drum temperature again and record.  IF the temperature is back within half a degree of the original baseline temperature THEN plunk a magic button on the phone according to the instructions which came with the button.  VI. Talk on the modified phone 15 minutes.  VII. Measure the ear drum temperature after talking on the phone.

VIII. Record all measurements carefully as to time and room temperature.

IX. Examine the records for answers to the crtical questions.

A. Did the temperature rise after use of the unmodified phone?

B. Did the temperature rise after use of the modified phone?

C. Did the button addendum make a difference such that the temperature rise (if present) was less, more, or the same?

(The sales company claims the heat rise will be less to nil with button attached.)

Secondary questions such as is the button worth it still will remain, but can be answered by repeating the experiment using an unmodified phone against the head, and then with an ear jack.  Is an ear jack which removes the phone from against the head a better investment?  The sales company would argue NO since the energies fill space and are BAD unless the magic button can alter them to be GOOD.  "Bad "and "good" are never quite fully explained past the supposed fact that the temperature of the head rises after unaltered cell phone use.

I may also conduct more sophisticated experiments using the CCQAS lab oscilloscope to investigate whether there is a change in wave shape output by the modified phone with button stuck on verses an unmodified phone wave shape output.  Even a slight rounding of the wave or other shape change might make a difference in bio affect.

Finally if there is a temperature difference we can further measure the temporal artery temperature to answer the final question as to whether external superficial heat changes do or do not affect the deep brain temperature.  If the sales company is really into something good I may be hazarding a central brain astro cytoma with all this experimentation!

Since Western science says I would need to place a large aluminum shiled between my brain and the cell phone microwave output and or cover my body with grounded aluminum foil I think the answers are worth the risk since wearing magic medallions or plunking magic buttons on appliances might add 20 years or more to my life, and your lives too (if they really work).  At the very least if we are frying our brains with cell phones we had better know it for sure and do something regardless of whether the magic buttons do or do not work.  (If they do not work, which from a Western point of view seems likely, then we had better come up with egg shaped metal containers or something else we can hide inside (Volkswagens?).

More later in the week as the answers come in.

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