#1 If you have a Kindle reader or the kindle for PC software simply

go to by clicking here. and enter the title

Thirty Minute Miracles Chiropractic into the search box at the top of the page.

NEXT choose the title from the (Kindle Store) section of Amazon.

#2 If you do not have a Kindle reader

or the kindle software for PC

Amazon will down load it to your PC or iphone for free

so print out the following or take notes

before clicking the above link: (in #1 above)


After you click the link enter the precise words

"kindle for pc"

into the search box on Amazon and choose

{all departments}        before

clicking the search go symbol.


should come up - - tell it to run.

Follow the instructions as it installs:

Establish an account for yourself.

Then use  the kindle app. just installed in your P.C.

to visit the Kindle Store and type in the name of the book.

NOTE if you actually purchase a Kindle device later the computer

software and the actual device magically stay parrallel via wifi !

Ready? go to Amazon by   clicking here. or in #1 up top

or Please click here to return to the main menu:  [   ]