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The pages of this blog are the personal opinions of Dr. John D. Reid D.C. and although presented sincerely are not to be relied upon for treatment of any human pain or disease condition without consult with a licensed health professional or other recognized authority with formal knowledge in the related area of knowledge as presented and relevant.  These blogs are presented to reveal to the public the inner day to day thoughts and miracles involved in Chiropractic and Alternative healing practice.

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1. The Thanksgiving week in the year of Ultrasound Jubilee: (11/24/05 )

2. The week-end of surprises 11/27/05

3. 11/28/05  Conservative Care Quality Assurance Services (CCQAS)  Do cell phones "cook" your head?   Can a button "stick on" really mellow out or sweeten cell phone output so it does not cook your head?    

4. 12/17/05  Letter home to cousin in New Jersey  A season of losses in the family and in the clinical group : 

5. The surprising therapy and CVA  (STROKE) loss recovery  REFRESHMENT & CELEBRATION

6. WORK COMP MIRACLE CASE. Happy new year

7. Answers to prayer related blog in response to E-mails:

8. Follow up on cell phone experiments:

9. 02/28/06 New P.H.A.S.E. style for Accelerated Healing and Adult Stem Cell Activation Therapy gives little evidence of rebound aches:  (Pulse Harmonious Accelerated Stimulation Electronics)

(Adult stem cell activation into migrating tissues closure of non healing wounds - thus - minimal scar tissue:)

10. December 2006 Catch up of a fast-furious year:

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