What a Summer, Where was Fall? And here we are almost at Christmas!

The practice in Rochester strengthened all through the Summer and Fall. I attended a few district events and felt so blessed since so many doctors seem to be struggling with HMO and PPo and BCBS strictures and poor payments, and my practice just grew and grew with 95% of payment cash ahead and then we submit and see what the insurers will pay back to the patient.  

I really think the ultrasound spine scan technology is making the difference, plus of course people send in people very much like themselves, so I've been blessed by attracting the wealthy, well to do, and independent business people who love SEEING IS BELIEVING ULTRASOUND SPINE SCAN.  When I do receive a BCBS policy holder I simply tell them THIS IS OUR FEE SCHEDULE FOR EVERYONE, NO EXCEPTIONS, AND WE EXPECT YOU TO PAY AS YOU GO.  Then no extra charge we will send the bill to BCBS and they will pay you what they pay DIRECT TO YOU.  Deal or no deal?

Now, if you show a person their problems, I mean show them nerves and tendons and ligaments in distress in living real time ultrasound scan video (I do not mean show them an X-ray of bones and talk about nerves ) and then lay out a logical plan of how you and the patient as a team can work together to correct the problems, only a maniac or an idiot would not follow through.  It is so nice, Seeing is Believing Ultrasound Scan guided practice style attracts bright, thinking, self concerned  beautiful people who just need some professional help to become even more successful and more beautiful.  It is a doctor's dream come true.

Of course most patients are not aware of what their insurance covers or does not cover, so the mess of HMO and PPO and networks shoving the doctors around is partly the doctors' fault.  If a patient has junk insurance let em find out when it hits them in the pocket book!  THEN THINGS CHANGE.  For police I'll say never surrender you gun.  For doctors I'll say never surrender your right to collect YOUR USUAL FEE past insurance.  

But, that's what made the Summer and Fall fly by so fast, new patient after new patient, PLUS instituting the Cox table technique, two new healing energy machines, and continuing research into the nature of TIME.  

Then there also was the loss of three cars in two months (Aug -Sept.) due to circumstances beyond my control.  First the Buick nailed a deer while I was driving it home one night, then the Van blew its head and no replacements were available, then the SC2 sport car got hailed on twice and then sunk in a flash flood three blocks from my house.  The crazy little SC2 Saturn actually ran underwater and paddled out the other side of the flood (saving me from having to swim - thank you Lord), but all three vehicles were total write offs.  Puzzling!  Well, the schemes of the Holy Spirit became clear a few weeks later when the body shop showed me the old buick was a death trap on wheels since one side had been weakened so badly by rust, and then PRAISE THE LORD  a brand new Saturn Vue became available within budget.  I guess when the Holy Spirit wants you to not drive death traps but drive a new car YOU GONNA DRIVE A NEW CAR pretty quick.  Life has its mysteries, always.  I was puzzled for awhile since through all the mayhem I suffered not one scratch or black and blue mark, just the vehicles kept getting blasted out from under me.

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TIME is my hobby, and the theory is coming along well, but probably never will be published.  Had a major break-through over the thanksgiving week-end, but also suffered severe sore throat with inability to even swallow for 12 hours without severe severe tears in the eyes pain.  Since I was considering how to publish the break through I took it as a sign that I am not to publish the break through.  Funny-odd how such beautiful things as relativity theory can be twisted into weapons of mass destruction.   Hydrogen fusion, anti gravity, all sorts of nice stuff potentially, yet always the dangers of weaponization.

Reading an interesting book titled What the Bleep do we Know?

Interesting, but very fragmentary.  However, I still remember one night in Columbia University pre med chemistry class when no one's water would boil for 30 full minutes, 30 students stared stupidly at flasks of hot but non boiling water as the bunsen burners blasted away fruitlessly.  Real science would have stopped right then and there and mapped and measured and studied WHY THE WATER WOULD NOT BOIL.  I was tired and wanted to get home, so I simply picked up a piece of glass tubing and like a magic wand went around and tapped each flask once or twice to start the boiling process for each student.  Then all we little robots dutifully continued on with the standard "experiment" for the evening. (Some inane repeat of something someone proved in 1830 or something)  The really cool stuff is in the edges and between the lines!  I am bless that my profession gives me enough time, money, and  freedom energy to have such a nice hobby as "time".

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