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Modern Chiropractic Methods offer natural relief.

Rochester Spine Care & Alternative Healing is 100% natural

with only Ultrasound Spine Scan (NO  X-ray radiation) employed!

Rochester hours (10A.M. to 9 P.M.) M-W-F 2-9 TUESDAY

FREE INTRODUCTORY CONSULTATION  appointments welcomed !  

Telephone: Direct Rochester number: 507-281-4040

(Conveniently located in the Domaille Buick Mazda dealership acre, next to Energy Products FirePlace Show Room and the Insurance Office of Mike Bush - State Farm Ins., across from Shopko North in the Energy Products building 37th St. N.E. & Brdway in easy access distance from IBM on 37th St. NE, Rochester, Mn. as well as a short drive from down town Rochester)


An Independent American freedom clinic devoted to Old fashioned caring CARE with the most modern yet NATURAL techniques for health, comfort and recovery from injuries or health challenges as fast as humanly possible.  Low costs for highest quality care, insurance accepted in many cases. YOUR HEALTH 100% with NO network providerships strictures, NO HMO strictures, and NO interference with YOU receiving what YOU need to get well.

Dr. Reid's arenas of special interest are:

Why suffer needlessly?  CALL TODAY!

Telephone: Days M - T-W - Fri: Rochester clinic number direct: 507-281-4040 for   FREE INTRODUCTORY CONSULTATIONS ARE WELCOMED!  

E-mail Dr. Reid as  (Please use subject denoted as "DCUS")

Telephone: Direct Rochester number: 507-281-4040

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