So many doctors have asked how USB Spine Scan affects practice:

O.K. here is how it works:  

You use the scanner to look into the spinal/para spinal  

The patient also has a video screen and watches with you as a team member.

If a nerve root is inflamed it appears under the facets as a white line.

You press a button and take a picture.  Continuing to scan:

You then can observe therapy effects deep in the tissues as you apply therapy.

You then can observe the deep tissue marvels in pre and post adjustment.  

No more guess work. Low stress. High success.

US Sp Scan attracts independent thinkers since they are part of the healing team.

My practice is CASH, insurance submitted by us for patient pay-back.

Independent thinkers are generally very successful wealthy people who want to be 110% well.

I began using spine scan in 1988 and it took awhile for the word to spread.

I look forward to going to work each day - my patients are fun to know.

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