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THE INSTITUTE FOR SPINAL ULTRASOUND IMAGING TRAINS Doctors in General Medicine, Sports-medicine, Neurology, Orthopedics, Physiatry, Industrial Medicine, Physical Medicine,Osteopathy,Chiropractic AND TECHNICIANS for enhanced diagnosis of adult spine pain / back pain / hopeless pain and enhanced application of therapies through ultrasound scan deep soft tissue monitoring  (with tremendously accelerated healing times and cost effective health care).

The Institute for Spinal Ultrasound Imaging__

Directed by Dr. John D. Reid D.C., a pioneer in ultrasound spine imaging, (U.S.A. Patent, granted 1992) The Institute offers training and textbooks based upon over two decades of spinal ultrasound imaging by Dr. Reid as well as independent Medical authors.    

An Armed Forces Vietnam Era Veteran and later a graduate of Columbia University, N.Y.C. and NorthWestern College of Chiropractic (1977), Dr. Reid directed a rare combination of skills in biology, electronics, and physics to build and test infra red imaging cameras, topography mapping systems, and automated computerized X-ray systems as well as ultrasound soft tissue textural scanners from 1978 through 1987. The results from these pilot studies revealed ultrasound scanning as exciting enough such that a hospital grade scanning unit (Picker B-arm) was purchased and modified. This unit tuned and programmed in new ways provided clear images of the spinal vertebrae from the posterior aspect, and a United States Patent Application was consequentially filed. Upon granting of the Patent in 1992 "The New York Times" in March of that year ran a feature story in its Saturday Business Review section and the small corporation formed around the discoveries suddenly became World famous.

Dr. Reid and his students continued to propagate the technology and the field has grown to today's rather remarkable utilization level of thousands of satisfied professionals in Medicine, Chiropractic, Orthopedics, Osteopathy, Physiatry, and Sport's Medicine. A common language of Ultrasound Scan detected inflammation and stress signs is rapidly creating cooperative understanding across all professional boundaries for the benefit of all patients.  Today modern, high resolution, low cost, scanning units allow any trained doctor to gain the advantage of convenient, daily, soft tissue imaging with harmless ultrasound.

Dr. Reid has personally trained hundreds of Medical Doctors, Specialists, and Doctors of Chiropractic, and his training Standards have been employed by most Spine Scan teachers as trained by Dr. Reid: Ultilization (2001) is estimated at 7,000. transprofessional Spine Pain Care doctors.

Dr. Reid may be contacted personally at E-mail   SonicLin@AOL.COM or by appointment at the Institute numbers listed below.  He is still in practice at the Spine Care Clinic in Hayfield Minnesota (about 30 miles from Rochester Mn., home of the Mayo Clinic) as well as his clinic in Rochester, Mn. and sees patients from all over the USA who have especially interesting or supposedly hopeless Spine problems.  He also functions as Senior Science Mediator for Conservative Care Quality Assurance Services (an image interpretation group) when primary reading doctors and senior over-view doctors disputes arise. (At this late date in the tenth year of the technology's development  "a dispute" is usually a rare event..)

Both Rochester Airport and nearby Dodge Center Airport can accomodate planes in size up to Lear Jets and other full size commercial planes.

The Institute Main Data Processing Center is located on Mainstreet in the Town of Hayfield,  Minnesota and occupies approximately 6,000 square feet of prototype design shop, laboratory space, general offices, and data processing space.  The Hayfield Spine Care Clinic is a 3,000 sq ft. facility conveniently located across the avenue from the Institute facilities and is a separate Private Practice offering evening hours.       At the present time in the year 2001 the Rochester Clinic seminar room is the main site for training services due to its convenient location near dozens of hotels and motels in the center of Rochester, Minnesota.   Please see main menu for further information.

Institute Data Center tele: 507-477-2277, Fax 507-477-2278    Manager: Jan Roberts    Rochester Clinic: 507-281-4040 (to arrange telephone appointment): 9A.M.-3P.M.        Hayfield Clinic: 507-477-2544 (to arrange telephone appointment): 5P.M. -9P.M.            E-mail Soniclin@aol.com      FOR DETAILS OF TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES PLEASE SEE THE Web domain:      www.spine-ultrasound.com

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