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Dear J

Thanks for the beautiful card and nice note:  This year has been a bit hectic for Linda and I with my sister Sharon’s death being the start of a series of losses for us and some of those around us.  Hopefully this series of sadnesses is coming to an end now, and the death of the son of our data center and insurance work manager the last tragedy of a tough winter.  The son got a cold on Monday, bronchitis by Wednesday, pneumonia by Saturday, went to the emergency room Saturday night with breathing troubles, and died from seizure 6 hours later.  He was only 36 years old, a truck driver, and in pretty good health, so his Mom, Jan, our data manager, was in total shock.  All she knew was that her son had a “cold”.


When his wife called Mom of course it was like a bomb going off!  Man oh man, what a winter for the average American family.  Apparently the flu can aggravate the heart muscle and central nervous system in some people leading to heart troubles and/ or seizures.  In this case the seizure stopped the heart and the hospital staff couldn’t get it started again. Many questions and inquiries are being made as to the exact facts of the situation.


So Linda and I both are slugging down Elderberry extract three times daily as a flu preventative, working away 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. three days a week and 1 to 9 on Tuesdays, and Linda does a pretty good job of keeping up with me and is my right hand most days for the long haul 12 hours.  My data manager does not follow rigorous natural methods so we worry about her, but my patient population has weathered through the flu attacks pretty well so far.  Herbals and chiropractic restoration of nerve energy works well to protect and/or cure if needed.  Recently however the herbals like elderberry extract have become scarce with one supplier being totally out of my favorite brand.  The fearful thing is that if everyone knew and practiced natural healthways there really would not be enough elderberry extract for everyone to be protected against flu, nor enough apricots or apricots pit meats to cure cancer, nor enough golden seal, etc.  Even organic beef couldn't supply the WHOLE USA population.  I mean it really is pitiful, but due to necessity only a privileged percentage can be privy to natural healthways, and the majority of the population have to eat whatever and then go totally medical .


Don’t get me wrong, medicine is good stuff when it works well, but for too many things the medical philosophy TODAY simply represents forgotten simple neat inexpensive cures which have been replaced by modern craziness that costs an arm and a leg.  Look at cancer.  Skin cancer has been cured by a simple weed paste for centuries by numerous native peoples AND every medical doctor up until 1935.  Put the paste on the cancer, 4 days later the cancer is dead and can be plucked out by the roots.  Cost about the same as a loaf of bread or two.  No bleeding, no spread of small seed cancers, worked nicely.  TODAY dermatologic surgery, danger of spread, recurrence rates not good especially if the cancer has reached subdermal deep layers, possible radiation and chemo follow-up needed.  Cost ranges from a used car to a new home.  Sure! Chemo can run as high as $40,000. per application session.


So, the knowledgeable go natural, save money, and stay comfortable and well.  The rest of the people run to medicine for help and give all they own to pay for treatments which might save them.  Like I said however if everyone went natural over-night there simply would not be enough to go around.  Oh well there is little I can do to change things, except treat and teach one patient at a time.  I am very blessed to have the education, the experience, and 54 ancient books from the 1800’s as well as internet, personal friends in the natural healing arts, and modern books for references.  Having wiggled through kidney stones (1981), a heart attack (1985), then prostate, skin sarcoma, and basal cell (19997 – 2005) all pretty much NATURALLY with no medical chop, burn, poison ministrations I am indeed very blessed.  It does make me sad however that my whole JERSEY family runs to medicine with open arms.  I am so blessed that Linda is right here with me 100% natural as much as humanly possible and cooks up good organic food and buys carefully organic and non altered stuffs while carefully reading labels.  Linda is a true blue natural health warrior devoted to natural health through chiropractic and alternative therapies and organic living foods.


I could go on and on about things like antifreeze (polyethylene glycol) in gel caps (which are supposed to be medicine to HELP you get well!) and etc. but I’ll spare you the stress.  I’ll send you a copy of my book where I lay it out step by step HOW I BEAT three types of CANCER personally through natural methods.  Now the exact methods may not be universally applicable to everyone, but I think the story is worth reading since it shows that IT CAN BE DONE!  Some of the big challenges of today like MS, LUPUS, CANCER, ARTHRITIS were easy in the 1800’s using natural medicinal herbals.  Some of the things we consider easy today like strept throat were deadly back then.  If we could only put the old and the new together, if only medicine would remember its own history.


All is going well here.  Linda just got a new car which is very nice, walnut interior, power everything, computerized traction etc. etc. so the Winter seems less threatening.  I inherited her old car which also had walnut interior, power everything, computerized traction etc. etc., but some high miles.  So my little speedster got put into storage for the winter along with my three motorcycles and a new little fun Honda Spree dinky thing I bought this past summer.  I was intrigued by the spree since it claimed to get 125 miles per gallon.  It was a lark, but does indeed get 125 miles per gallon.  As far as cars go I will never get used to “thinking cars”, but they do make life easier.


Hope you and Ben are well and healthy.  I assume Eddie and Wayne are both doing well since the two of them always seem to be doing well.  Boys to be proud of.  Books are available through the “” web site or call me if you’d like the boys to have copies.  I do not have their addresses since I left for Minnesota 30 years ago my sister (like my mother) would not release the address lists for reasons I never understood?  It was just a bit of an oddity, this refusal to let the Mid Westerners write each other by never releasing address lists.  Cousin Skippy in Arizona and Cousin Georgie (in up state new York?) probably wonder if I am still alive, like I wonder how they are doing.




                                                Cousin Dr. John

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