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Curriculum Vitae

John D. Reid D.C.

493 37th St. N.E., Rochester, Mn. 55906

507-281-4040 Rochester Spine care & Alternative Healing

Born: Jersy City, New Jersey 1946

Attended Teaneck, N.J. Elementary School

Attended Teaneck, N.J. Thomas Jefferson Junior High School

Attended Teaneck, N.J. High School

Military Service, U.S.Air Force 1963-1965

Wall Street, New York City, New York computer operations 1966-1968

Bachelor of Arts, Columbia University, NYC.,

& Pre Med at Columbia University graduated, B.A., 1973

Dr. of Chiropractic Degree, North Western College of Chiropractic 1977

Licensed _to practice in Minnesota 1977 _

(National Board 1976 )

President, Vivo Inc., 1984, ( A Minnesota Regular Corporation) {Human Diagnostics &

Therapeutics R&D company }

Welcomed to the Academy for Research Chiropractic Sciences, 1985

Private Practice since 1978,

Special interest in advanced diagnostic instrumentations for "hopeless pain patients."

Research projects: 1978-2002

InfraRed Camera studies:   Colorized X-ray studies:   Liquid Crystal Dermothermography:

Ultrasound Soft tissue Scanning Technology:

Micro-current electronic tissue communication technology for accelerated healing:

Micro-wattage ultrasound energetics for accelerated healing:

Infra-sonic energetics for accelerated healing inductions:

Infra-red and other photonic energetics for induction of accelerated healing:

Static Magnetic and Rotating electronic field effects on tissue healing:

Combined energetic formats for accelerated healing:

1992 ** The U.S. Patent office granted Patent # 5,078,147 to Dr. John D. Reid

for ultrasound scan of the human spine for nerve root imaging for signs of


1992 Patent rights assigned to Vivo Inc. in exchange for reconsideration and confirmation of

Dr. Reid as President of Vivo Inc. in its expanded investors profile:

1992 Vivo transitioned from R&D into Sales and Manufacturing company under Dr. Reid's

guidance, FDA registration accordingly:

1994 With maturation of Orthopedic Ultrasound Market Vivo expands into textbook

publication, interpretation of examinations (radiology services), teaching & certification:

1995 Vivo passes its first FDA inspection with no censure or negative comments by FDA:

1996 Quality Assurance Services (radiology services) generate majority income

with hardware systems sales diminished by competition from Shimadzu, Fukuda Densi,

General Electric, Pie Medical, and Medison: Vivo seeks new market opportunities

based upon Accelerated Healing Discoveries by Dr. Reid technology. Registered

purchasers greet the ACCEL network concepts with enthusiasm. Capital sought for

marketing cost savings through accelerated healing to insurance companies. Dr. Reid

continues as President guiding the new marketing direction through 1997.  Insurance companies

led by one major automobile carrier resist paying for the new scan technology. Vivo closes operations

to await maturity of the scan as well as the accelerated healing technologies.  Dr. Reid

returns to practice full time.

1999 Dr. Reid opens the Rochester Spine Care & Alternative Healing Center in Rochester Mn.

based upon over 50% of his patients coming from Rochester to the Hayfield Spine Care Clinic:

1999 - 2005 The Rochester Spine Care Clinic & Alternative Healing Center engage Dr. Reid's

full energies other than teaching activities related to the Ultrasound Spine Scan (tm.) technology

and a directorship position on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association,

and acting as President of the S.E. chapter of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association.

Published Works by Dr. Reid

(Published "inhouse" for student training purposes:)


Tomography Primer

A brief but concise step by step guide to thinking and seeing tomographically.

Ultrasound Spine Scan a basic introduction:

From A through Z the physics and eye brain guidelines

needed to understand ultrasound orthopedic images more easily:

Development of the now universally accepted "King's Sign" shown step by

step. Page after valuable page of indepth interpretation principles:

Tissue by Tissue, Sign by Sign Review of Diagnostic Adjunctive Implications

Ultrasound Orthopedic and Spinal Scanning

Each section a wealth of detail with actual hand drawn screen representations,

independent science articles, and clinical insights.

Spinal Ultrasound Anatomy

Original gray scale detailed drawings and art personally created by the U.S.Patent holder.

Standards of Care Ultrasound Spine Scan (some sections being updated)

A Textbook of Ultrasound Spine Scan (4 volumes):

Technician's Training Manual

Web Course for US Spine Scan Published as of 01/01/01

Booklets & Briefs:

An Experiment in Ultrasound Spinal Inflammation Imaging.....

....Long article, more than a brief, less than a textbook......

Ultrasound Spine Scan Interpretation (Brief.)

Deep Tissue Ultrasound Observations of T.E.N.S. Frequencies and Effects.................

Deep Tissue Ultrasound Observations of Pre Versus Post Manual Adjustment of Vertebral Subluxation.........................................

Accelerated Healing Employing Ultrasound Scan Monitored Physical Therapies...

Accelerated Healing Case Studies..............................

Osteoporosis, new discoveries from the ultrasound scan clinic:............

Ultrasound Spinal Scan Muscle Spasms Signs; A Review of Independent Research...

Ultrasound Spinal Scan Ligament/Tendon Signs; A Review of Independent Research...

Ultrasound Spinal Scan SpinaBifida Signs; A Review of Independent Research....

The Physics & Physiology of Automobile Impact..New Findings..

60 Minute Relief Regimen for Bulged Disc Lumbar Spine.....

Clinical Efficacy of Ultrasound Spine Scan (tm.) (4 year interstate study)....

The History of Ultrasound Spine Scan (tm.).........

Correlation of Pain to Inflammation Signs on Ultrasound Scan .......

Questions Attorneys Ask.........

Questions Doctors Ask...........

Questions Bankers Ask..........

Questions Patients Ask..........

Questions Radiologists Ask..........

The Diagnostic Adjunctive of Choice is U.S. Spine Scan (tm.)......

1997 - 2002 Proprietary Cost Saving Designs & Prototypes:

#1. Accelerated healing protocols & device therapy for non-healing wounds:

#2. Device for resolution of ganglionic cysts w/o surgery:

#3. New format ultrasound therapy for adhesion reduction:

#4. Electronic Antibiotic effects machine for viruses and bacteria:

#5. Wand sized devices employing healing acceleration effects:

(185 prototypes built and tested to date)

1997 -2002 Continued clinical research projects:

#1 Historical trace of B. Burgendorferi verses B. Obermeiri as pathogens

possibly related to multiple sclerosis induction in humans:

(Progress is presently plateaued at the question of whether

the historical Obermeiri is the same precise pathogen as the

Burgendorferi or a closely related but distinct entity with a

different pathway for contagion (skin contact or insect bite).

#2 Electro-field mediated accelerated healing for Spine Injury resolution:

(This is progressing rather well with consistant pos. results:)

#3 Physical Energetics of the DNA Molecule (Math model):

(The uncertainty principle of radiant energy may be solved by

the design of the double helix allowing extreme micro circuitry:)

#4 Timeless and tiny time models of photon physics as explaining some

seemingly dichotomous statistical behavior patterns:

(The Einstein-Shroedinger dichotomy may have simple explanation

in the tiny time environment at the speed of light and the interface

between that frame-work and our usual-customary time frame:)

#5 Alternative Medicine research and books collection for adjudging

probability of efficacy based upon historical employment of

components and methods.  

(over 50 ancient texts presently in the clinic library 1860-1950 )

(Surprisingly some of the herbs found in alt. Med.

teas and potions have long historical records of accomplishing

blood vessel size regulation/delimitation, induction of inflammation,

and other amazing pharmacologic actions some of which are

registered in the lost standard Medical pharmacopias of the 1856-1935 era.)

Two entire classes of "lost" pharmacopias have been discovered,

inflammatory herbals & drugs, and metalic anti-biotics, which were

standard medical practice historically with very favorable statistics.

2002: Capital sought to form company with goal general development

of Dr. Reid's healing devices into commercially viable entities PLUS Internet related

product designs:

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