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Dr. Reid's Alternative Studies:

Dr Reid's Interest in Alternative Healing methods beyond Chiropractic manual care for the spine began in 1976 when he was a Junior in Chiropractic college: Discovering acupuncture texts while visiting a Chinese Traditional Medicines Pharmacy in California an indepth study of acupuncture immediately commenced with purchase of over a dozen texts. One text was an actual series of translations from the original Chinese field doctor's manual actually in use in China at that time. (1976)  Since acupuncture needles were unavailable in Minnesota at that time a printed circuit for electronic stimulators was translated by a friend, and the first electronic acupuncture stimulator was actually constructed "from scratch" by Dr. Reid and his associates in late 1976.

After many successful healings had been accomplished using this first circuit box with energy as applied with wet Q-tip applicators, Dr. Reid was instrumental in helping the North Western College of Chiropractic institute the first acupuncture course in the State of Minnesota.   Dr. Eric Tao a Medical doctor and Traditional healer from Taiwan with 22 years acupuncture experience was the lead professor. Dr. Reid was appointed assistant professor for the purpose of teaching electrical application to aid student practices of all techniques without needle useage.

Graduating Chiropractic College in 1977 Dr. Reid continued his alternative studies through actual purchases of old textbooks from the 1800's for study of herb use in America from those times up until today's modern useages.

With advent of the Internet as a popular mode of communication in 1997 Dr. Reid found his ability to distinguish fantasy claims from real things extremely valuable and established a fairly large data base and Web site to help people on the Internet find alternative methods which might help them. The volume of people who seek his piercing intellect and ability to sort wheat from chaff among the thousands and thousands of Internet ideas for healing has been very strong ever since the first page was published.  (1997, with new counters established 01/10/00)  

( http://www.spine-ultrasound.com) Today this technical site for doctors involves over 300 pages indexed by subject and traditionally has floated between number 2 and number 12 on the major search engines among over 65,000 possible sites for spine pain, ultrasound diagnosis, and alternative methods for various disease syndromes such as MS.

With over 50 ancient texts in his personal library and over 2,000 modern texts Dr. Reid's studies continue with special interest in immune system and chronic diseases as well as accelerated healing.

Personal statements: "Modern medicine has forgotten its own history which involved the use of herbs all through the 1800's in America. A whole stimulatory pharmacopia has been lost as well as a whole classification of disease causing germs which are presently still being mostly over-looked. Today's emphasis in Medicine seeems to me to involve much too much the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. This one sided modern view ignores the historical use of stimulatory herbs which encouraged precious healing through immune system stimulation. The suppression of immune system intelligence through the use of anti-inflammatories may be Modern medicine's most unfortunate error and over-sight. The American doctors of the 1800's were not "stumble bums" as we might be led to think by inaccurate modern propaganda, but they were extremely effective healers who brought Medicine to its present fame through their early very powerful healing methods using herbs and natural substances. When I read in original textbooks in the year 1857 of healings for patients afflicted with the most vicious-agressive viruses through herb use I can only shake my head in wonder at what has been lost."

"In 1910 in the city of Philadelphia 64 people out of 100,000 people were afflicted with cancer. The majority of these stricken people worked as chimney sweeps (coal tar carcinogenic contact job) or chewed tobacco and drank alcohol heavily (mutagenic ingestions). TODAY we expect over 25,000 of 100,000 citizens will contract cancer during their life time. I believe it is time for Americans to remember and honor the history of healing which mainly involved natural substances applied in harmony with the body's own themes of immune system accuracy and effective vitality. I am heartened by the grass roots movement toward natural healing and alternative methods. I believe the People are waking up and beginning to DEMAND real HEALTH care. "   (c) Sept. 2004 JDR

"Today's seeker of natural healing however can be daunted by thousands of conflicting claims. We have to some extent gone from total amnesia to total information over-load. "Accelerated healing" alone has over 90,000 Internet sites available to the seeker of information. For example, using Internet references and keying in the key-words "Multiple Sclerosis" can result in so much information offered that the patient may expire before ever reaching all the sites much less digesting and judging all the conflicting claims for cure."  Some claims are dangerous, some merely waste precious time by being ineffective, a cutting away of the wheat from the chaff is vital.

"Non healing wound patients if they want to try some at-home experiments at least have the advantage of being able to easily measure progress or lack of progress with a simple ruler."

"M.S. patient have some time and some margin for experimentation at home if they are of an independent character. Too long a failure however can lead to nerve damage regions which may require extensive rehabilitation once an effective therapy regimen stops the M.S. abnormal reactions. So, even for these people the thousands of Internet claims can be daunting."

"Cancer patients however do NOT have any time or health margin for experimentation. Some herbs and vitamins can actually accelerate cancer deterioration, so just trying a few things or taking large amounts of vitamins may prove to be damaging beyond recovery for these patients."

"Many new patients enter the practice having already tried three or four themes without success and therefore are in near panic. My first challenge is always to try to manage the panic state and show the patient a pathway if available, which has had historical success."

" I have been pleased to find I have an educated natural intuition, as well as the ability to judge things historically, a feel for physiology, a network of knowledgeable friends, and then the situation here which allows me to engage things clinically. This complex very priveleged position allows me to extract useful therapies from the potential data over-load . Restoring patients to as full life as possible, often-times from the brink of hopelessness, has to be the best feeling in the Universe."

(c) 2004 JDR

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