Following stage-coach trail along the Zumbro River by Mantorville the Rover discovers remnants of the old railroadway which is reported as having carried the lime stone blocks for the original CourtHouse Dodge County, Mn.  HUGE pilings here and there seem naked without their rail-bed covers and long steel tracks.  The trail itself is surprisingly NARROW, no more than the width of a volkswagen beetle actually.  Quite different than the Hollywood movies might make the old coaches seem to be.  The Rover is not fooled by the modern markings for Stage Coach Road which are quite far from the original actual trailway.  FINALLY THE ROVER ARRIVES ACROOSS FROM THE MINER'S CAVE BUT UNFORTUNATELY IT IS ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE RIVER.  Due to snow, ice, wind, and the late hour of the day the Rover is directed to end this mission with only a long distance shot of this precious historical site using the Rover zoom camera until Spring allows a re-try for exploration of the miners' hide-out, cook station, and cave shelter.  Click here to return to the main Rochester index:

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