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Non Healing Wonds Resolution: 

Non Healing Wounds Resolution Method update 09/09/2004 for more clear international reading:

(Insurance company  or government health insurance "lower costs opportunity")  (Sports team competitive advantages opportunity)

In 1992-93 I became bored with orthopedic diagnosis using ultrasound soft tissue scan, it was simply very cut and dried:  The problem was that we could see very clearly what was wrong, but too often therapies were insufficient to fix the problems:  I thus engaged the simple (but very powerful )  idea of keeping the high resolution ultrasound scanners running all the time and watching from 1 to 15 cm. deep in the soft tissues what was happening as various therapies were applied:

The break-through discovery was that certin electronic wave shapes at certain rates of application with certain intensities over specific time periods  (PERSONALLY varied for each  patient )   induced healing which was:

#1. Recognizable via the ultraound scan technology in certain specific ultrasound frequency ranges:

#2. Healed tissue fifty to one hundred times faster than usual AND reversed non healing problems into healing situations!  Also, in many cases adult tissue migrations were noted which resembled fetal migration potentials.  Muscles and skin layers would heal from the bottom up as well as migrate in an orderly fashion inward to close a wound with at worst a pencil line thin scar tissue residual instead of the usual and customary large scar tissue patches.  Both RATE and QUALITY of healing was tremendously increased.


The American Doctors to which I presented the idea were not excited about the whole idea:  #1. They were thinking that really truly faster healing simply meant less income per patient:   They missed the larger picture of a HUGE NEW market of suffering humanity who now could be helped!   #2.  The technique and protocols required ultrasound scan units which added cost to the session per session costs, and insurers were suspicious of added costs.  Insurers desired added value be clearly demonstrated:

Frustrated marketing this marvelous boon to mankind,  I forged ahead personally and opened a practice site with monies borrowed from a relative (actually she owns the site) which site promoted to the PEOPLE at large ACCELERATED HEALING.   It worked out well.  THE PEOPLE WHO WERE ATTRACTED TO THIS SITE INVOLVED THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF PATIENTS:  

Post surgical patients who had non healing wounds, post surgical patients with resistant infections and non-healing wounds, and diabetics with non healing decubitus ulcers:  Patients who had received no help for back pain elsewhere.  All flocked to my door so to speak and most left smiling. The few frowns were from those whose insurance would not cover care, and who could not afford the course of non covered care.  For example, a diabetic decubitus ulcer patient with 6 month history of non healing wounds would respond immediately but also required about 30 follow-ups over 10 weeks.  U.S.A. (Minnesota) Cost ranged in neighborhood of $1,000. cash flowed over 10 weeks and this was too expensive for some who had private insurance which was short sighted (lacked wisdom).  One woman engaged a $9,000. surgical intervenion covered by insurance rather than pay out $1,000. from her own reserves for conservative solution!


Usually once the initial vivification effect is attained (changes from bluish gray to pink-red lively color even to naked eye) the site must be boosted with re-applications and sometimes the whole limb needs therapeutic input to prevent rebound.  (If there are vascular deficiencies in the limb the whole limb is re-vivified each session to induce new blood vessel growth and correction of the whole site milieu for best future long term success.)

Progress 1998-1999

Meanwhile back at the lab I had been investigating various circuit designs and found one which induced MODERATE (5X to 25X) accelerated healing without much potential shut down/clamp down.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention that one major discovery was that if the STRONG ACCEL therapy was kept on past the "critical change in tissues point "  (as viewed on ultrasound scanner) the effect reversed itself and everything shut down with sometimes negative effect due to the shut down!  This was one of the reasons ultrasound scan units were needed.  The therapist had to precisly recognize the critical moment of initiation of the acceleration as shown on the ultrasound unit video screen and turn eveything off immediately otherwise over the top of the healing hill things went and crashed on the other side.  There was momentum to the effect too such that even if the therapist was a little slow turning off everything, the effect cruised right along over the top of the hill and crashed badly.

In 1997 I had talked with some P.T. professionals and they wanted to know if you could just watch the surface vascularity or something and NOT own an ultrasound scan unit, and the answer had been NO since surface vascularity was too late, the momentum carried one over the top of the bell curve hill if you watched only for the surface changes.

So the end of 1998 was a break-through time, since the new energy mode allowed considerable lee-way and surface changes were more or less O.K. since the new style of application accomplished moderate (5X to 25X) accelerated healing without the fast over blow out effect for many many minutes if ever.   Then I decided to just for fun listen in on the new modality and voila, the modality circuit interacted with the tissue resistance such that one could hear differences between tissue conditions, great for quick diagnosis day to day relative to where the therapy was needed most, and the critical point in time had a sound characteristic of it, so the timing for this moderate therapy mode could be accomplished without ultrasound scan needed, thus costs could be kept very low while the quality of healing was boosted for easier situations almost as excellently as the scanner monitoring for easier case problems.  Neat!

Outcomes:  The modality which avoided the "crash" potential was very convenient for day to day clinical work since I miniaturized it down into a flash-light sized "wand" design.  Voltage was high enough that no Gel or special preps were needed.  Its rate of pulses was high enough so less than a second per area was the minima (fast application times) and large areas such as fascial planes could be treated with sweeping type motions.  BUT the ACCEL healing effects were never the full 100X of the more precise ultrasound scanner monitored method.  For really tough case problems the STRONG ACCEL energies monitored with ultrasound scan was still required.

(Left side of image, a rough prototype and to the right side of the image a finished mini-wand are shown, both are unipole application devices requiring no coupling gel, very convenient, quite effective, application time is approx. 3 to 5 minutes/day, field size is extremely limited and safe via NOT affecting whole body:)  As observed on deep tissue ultrasound scan the acceleration effects have residuals of 24 to 48 hours, thus once per day or three per week ONLY treatment sessions are required:  Soft tissue acceleration rate range 5X to 25X, also stimulatory to the lymph systems in the local area:

DEFINITIONS/ Applicability:

Day to Day Case types:  (Wand applicable:) Chronic ear infections where lymph drainage of related inner and outer ear structures is needed, shoulder bursitis, elbow tendonitis, sciatic neuralgia, lymphadenitis-lymphadenopathy, varicose ulcers less than 3mm, decubitus diabetes related ulcers less than 3mm diameter with shallow depth, simple myositis due to over-strain, sub-acute moderate post traumatic strain sprain such as moderate whiplash.

(Ultrasound scanner monitored ACCEL in-office required for certainty and quality assurance:)

A new market of really "tough stuff":     Sciatic Neuritis of duration over one month up to three years old (true swollen distorted tissues nerve root and nerve tract from spine to ankle):  OUTCOME: Good reduction of neuritic pain and permanent healing changes:

Lesion 12 month old post surgical ulcer ten centimeters long by 4 centimeters wide with depth to bone surface of ankle.  OUTCOME: Good healing from 'bottom up and sides inward with thin pencil line of scar tissue the final result:

Diabetic decubitus ulcer greater than 2cm diameter with 1cm or more of depth and age of lesion over six months.  OUTCOME: Good and permanent healing:

Farm accident with accidental amputation of three finger tips with skin grafts failed twice. OUTCOME:  Third graft secured, healing rapid, one finger restored to finger printed tip, two others simply healed over with good sensations and future usefulness as well functioning digits:

Three weeks post surgical diabetic non-healing hand wound with failed stitches slated for amputation surgery in 48 hours from entrance to practice:  OUTCOME:  Excellent, no surgery needed, five year outcome mobility superior to other hand which was never injured.

Note: Outcomes for the STRONG (100x) ACCEL were dependent upon proper targetting of application as guided by initial ultrasound soft tissue scanning for diagnostic purposes as well as follow-up ultrasound scan guided therapy sessions: 


FDA passage is needed before legal sales can be engaged to therapists and doctors.  They have traditionally not been overly interested, but present time pressures from HMO's and PPO's could be employed via marketing to these "check$ writers" and then seminars "from the top down" employed to make the ACEL technologies very attractive to the doctors:  (Theme: If it's ACCEL then request for payment will glean a bonus %, if it is not ACCEL then payment will be denied after X# applications:)  (I feel this is quite ethical since the patients at jeopardy of infection and complications and scar tissue masses will benefit if accel is employed AND this is indeed in line with the hypocratic oath.)

Insurance company marketing or simply purchase of an insurance company and direction of a captured network (with incentives in place) to utilize the ACCEL equipment and protocols.  (Gather investment, research, FDA Passage monies is preliminary to this path.)  (The ACCEL techniques and equipment do save tremendous over-all costs so a "turn around" insurance company situation would work out just fine too.)

Cost savings: Let's look at my diabetic patient who was slated for amputation surgery due to non-healing of his hand wound:  ACCEL sessions numbered 12 sessions in all with total cost (including diagnostic work-up) $1,200. approx.  Conversely for amputation surgery, pick a number.  Start at about $18,000. and move right on up through $33,000. to $100,000. depending upon complications or lack there-of.  Keep in mind that he was a brittle diabetic with a gray-blue hand which had little vitality and you will get a feel for the futility of surgery in a milieu of near zero vitality with high probabilities for repeated surgical necessities until the vital elbow region was finally reached.  Do not even consider the human suffering, disability, and just plain old fashioned misery PLUS administrative costs of claim after claim as the bills and excuses came rolling in.

Yr. 2005 seven year outcome on this diabetic patient: Excellent with continued vitality in the hand which was treated, and no further problems:


POINT#1.  We know with certainty by the ultrasound pre treatment and post treatment signs in the deep tissues whether the ACCEL has worked, to what extent it has worked, and immediately can declare the prognosis.

POINT #2.  We know within two days whether clinical tissue results are as expected since the healing rate is so rapid, results such as color change and tissue migrations are obvious in that short of an amount of time:

Sports teams also might benefit and APPRECIATE the advantage of players BACK ON THE FIELD faster:

Meanwhile, using all this in my own practice with circuits designed by me, I am FDA exempt, so for now, I'm simply moving along as a private doctor doing what I can.

John D. Reid D.C.    

Tele: 507-281-4040  If you have any pathway to market ideas and pricipals in your network:

Rochester Spine Care & Alternative Healing Center,  Rochester, Minnesota  Patient appointment line (507) 281-4040  (all patients are requested to sign an informed consent investigational therapies form prior to acceptance into the practice for any of the ACCEL protocols:)

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