ROVER MAIN PAGE:   Yes our mission is to seek out the mysterious geographics and odd energies hidden in the foggy backwaters and the misty corners now that we've successfully landed our mobile robot unit.

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Note:  PLEASE:  This is not a "LandRover" but a LANDER/Rover launched somewhere around Valentine's Day 2004 to travel to unknown parts and regions of Southern Minnesota exploring the rarely visited, mildly strange, things normally obscure and everything inbetween in Southern Minnesota.  "LandRover" company employees get upset when they are told a beautiful 4 wheel drive LandRover is suffering the dangers, intrigues, laughter, derision, confusion, consternation and abuse involved in the Southern Minnesota LANDER/ Rover's (SMLR) missions.  Our LANDER/  rover is 1/100th the size of a Landrover, remotely controlled, sometimes uncontrolled, and specially suited for the exploration missions planned. :)