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H1N1 2009: 

Rochester Spine Care & Alternative Healing Center
493 37th St. NE
Rochester, Mn. 55906

Phone for appointments: (507) 281-4040

Conveniently located in the Domaille Buick Mazda BlackTop acre
at the Corner of 37th St. NE and Broadway next to Energy Products

(fireplace shop) and The Mike Bush State Farm Insurance Office.  

Natural Defenses YOU can Employ Against H1N1 or any Virus Attack:

The H1N1 "virus" is in my opinion very possibly an experiment in bio-weaponry which was half constructed and  was never supposed to be released. O.K? What is done is done, let us focus on prevention.  

Good News.   #1: We do have some natural things which can make you resistant:

Good News.   #2: Also genetically we have the news that this virus is mutating into a family with a spectrum of potentials. Some of the family have the potential to be fast and vicious. Some of the family have the potential to be gentle and slow. The gentle members of the family should be favored when the disease reaches a dispersed human population (like the Midwest and Western USA. ).

Good News. #3. In 1959 – 1960 one of the first “Asian Flu” bugs had a protein coat that resembled the present time flu virus coat.  Many adults are therefore immune to a great extent because they experienced the flu back then.  Personally I remember fainting in High School band class and waking in the nurse’s office with her telling me I had a temperature of 104’ F    ! ! !

Genetic rules: The "favoring" works like this, if a pathogen sickens and/or kills the infected victim very fast, and people are living shoulder to shoulder (Hong Kong, most large cities, soldiers in barracks, etc.) then the pathogen can spread just fine, so the nasty vicious varieties live, flourish, and are favored.

In a dispersed human population (like the mid-west/western USA ) however people may not come in contact for days or even weeks, so the fast nasty varieties of the disease cannot jump from one person to a second person before the disease kills the first person and thus the fast, nasty varieties of the disease self terminate.

The slower more gentle varieties of the disease family are more likely to have a slow prodromal infectious phase with minimal symptoms and wait to be spread and thus are favored with survival in a dispersed population.  A gentler disease also can cause longer term illness since the immune fight may not be as intense, and thus care-givers may be exposed for longer periods of time further increasing chances that the pathogen will continue to spread and thrive.  

The course of any virus should follow these genetic rules: Therefore in the midwest and especially in rural areas we can expect the pathogen to become less violently deadly, but also to develop a quiet "prodromal" phases with minimal symptoms but high contagion character during the "quiet" first phase.

1. Tight chest, little trouble breathing.

2. Tiredness unexplained by loss of sleep or extra work.

3. Cough:

Then later:

4. Nasal symptoms, dripping nose, sneezes:

5. Headache in a person who rarely or never has headaches.

Then later:

6. Fever of 100 +

7. Aches & chills:

Now, this is already quite a different story from the original World Health announcements that people who were infectious were only contagious when they had obvious symptoms of the full blown syndrome. The virus is apparently already mutating toward slower sneakier, but also milder behavior JUST because of the quarantines imposed by many governments and businesses already.  

However "less violent" with this germ may still be very uncomfortable at the very least. Natural defense is still the BEST idea. Here's an outline of WHAT YOU CAN DO TO PROTECT YOURSELF and your loved ones:

A. Chiropractic for highest nerve health:

B. Low fat diet:  Anti viral diet:

C. Vitamin D 400 IU to 5,000 IU/day as tolerated. (To take the higher dose levels please consult a health professional.  Vitamin D. can interact with some drugs and cause anti-depressant medicines to be eliminated from the body faster than normal.)

D. Elderberry in the correct format with stronger format on-hand as a back-up:

E. Liver stimulation via milk thistle WITH deeper therapy as a back-up:

F. Diet changes to eliminate environmental toxins, raise immune strength and minimize toxic liver loading. (This is very personal and needs consult.)

G.  If you smoke you must do one of the following:  #1. Use the patch 8 hours a day.  #2. Or just quit


A. Chiropractic for highest nerve health: We call it the healing brain principle:

Chiropractic by clearing nerve interference allows the brain to find out through nerve signals that there is a problem when there is a problem.** The first thing most pathogens do is to release a nerve anesthetic effect, so the brain is unaware that an invasion has taken place. The pathogen can gain the upper hand pretty rapidly when the brain is unaware. Chiropractic is your best pathway to make sure the brain is clearly and well connected to every tissue of the body by clear NERVE ENERGY flows.

** Note: There is a principle of basic cell mediated immune response: Virus damaged cells release chemicals which alert the local tissue defenses that there is a problem: Many pathogens however moderate these basic chemical alerts with their own release of "no-alert" neutralizer chemicals. For a tough germ like H1N1 all defense mechanisms, and especially the sophisticated healing brain nerve defenses will be needed for best chance of a successful health oriented out-come.

B. Low fat diet. Anti virus diet: Fats and other factors in the diet can actually encourage virus infections.  Look at all the constantly ill children these days, ear infections, cold after cold, running noses constantly,   A human needs two tablespoons of fat a day. You'll need coaching on this principle, since most Americans cannot even imagine a low fat diet but only think they know what a low fat diet really is like. Low fat keeps the liver load minimal and the lymph like water and freely flowing to wash away any invading pathogen as fast as possible. It also lets the white blood cells work better when low fat has made the blood a bit thin. (This is the "fatty swamp" verses the "clear stream" principle. A rich fatty diet causes the body fluids (lymph & blood) to be very viscous/thick. White blood cells cannot move around well to fight invaders in a thick swampy environment. For best defense you will need thin fluids derived from consistantly eating a low fat diet.)

There are also foods which actually throw immuno defense balance into disarray, you'll need to know what these are and avoid them completely for any chance of success.

C. Elderberry: This herbal beauty directly kills viruses, just like an antibiotic for bacteria, elderberry kills viruses, but there are dispersed natural and concentrated extracted formats. (Again) You need the right format, part of the plant, extraction method, and species. You'll probably need coaching on this too, since there is lots of junk on the average store shelf.

D. Liver stimulation: How? You'll need one to one personal coaching: There are easy methods with some efficacy, and not so convenient methods with tremendous power: It's an expert's arena.  

Why bother? Well, the lungs are a back-up system for the liver. If toxins become overwhelming for the liver the body's automatic reflexes can direct the toxins to the lungs where they are BREATHED OUT. This usually helpful reflex mechanism can back-fire however since the breathed out toxins can irritate the lungs making them inflamed and congested and thus more subject to greater infection. Any doubts? Have a few alcoholic drinks and then go find a State Trooper to give you a breathalizer test. See?  It's not mystical, but simply the scientific physiology of toxin elimination: (Alcohol long touted as "an empty food" is treated by the liver as a toxic emergency, could it be that alcohol is actually a toxin? All I know is that the breathalizer test works indicating an emergency toxic route is being employed, (toxic by-products of alcohol metabolism actually breathed out from the lungs) just like a toxic route via the lungs would be employed for any toxic chemical which caused liver over-load

E. Diet Changes: You'll need personal coaching in this esoteric arena. A change in PH is needed. If your PH is different from the average pizza and Mountain Dew person, their variety of infection will find your system inhospitable.   

If you smoke:  #1. Use the patch 8 hours a day ONLY.  #2. Or just quit.

ODD ADVICE?  Not really.  Smoking irritates the lungs making them more subject to infection.   

And finally let me stress the best kept secret of the natural healing arts:

The Best Kept Secret of the Natural Healing Arts: If the healing centers of the brain are fully and accurately aware of a problem, then the brain through the spine nerves directs corrective action to the problem part. But here's the deep secret principle: "Pain" is not a signal which triggers an alert status in the healing centers. Pain is a signal (or complex set of signals) which triggers the upper higher centers of the conscious mind area. The consciousness then can take mechanical action to protect the injured part, like not moving an injured shoulder for example. Conversely, the deep brain healing centers receive and transmit much more specific and sophisticated information than simple pain signals. Even if your spine is pain free Chiropractic therapy to clear out non-painful spine stress as a first therapy is your best health pathway to make sure the deep healing defense centers of your brain are clearly and well connected to every tissue of the body by clear NERVE ENERGY flows so the healing brain principle can be fully enjoyed and your immune defenses kept at their best potential:

 Hope I can guide you to further success soon.  Sincerely; John D. Reid D.C.   507-281-4040

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