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Despite the weather (blizzards) and the sad losses in family and friends the clinical work keeps rolling along well.  The acceleration therapy I’ve code named  Hmm keeps chalking up successes in lymph general drainage as well as tissue healing.  The latest triumph was for a patient who had had left arm and leg paralysis for five years after a CVA (stroke). 

Since the latest Medical PET scan research has revealed that the more a patient tries the more probable it is that recovery will take place (partial or full) I accepted the patient into the practice on an experimental basis.  First session was a simple low cost clinical trial of the Hmm therapy.  I chose this since the energies fill the entire body from head to toe pretty much regardless of where contact is made.  Thus I was employing Hmm as a diagnostic as well as a therapeutic to see whether there was anything residual after five years which might perk up and react and start healing in an accelerated refreshed fashion.  I had warned the patient that symptoms such as PAIN might be the result if there were tissues that were still vital enough, especially in the “brain case region” to refresh and react.  I advised him to bless any symptoms as signs of HOPE after all this time.

General medical opinion at the patient's hospital was that after one year what you see is what you have, and no further progress can be expected.  The patient was not happy at all with that opinions set.

 Seven minutes of Hmm application to the C1/C2 area resulted in the patient claiming he could “feel his left arm and also somewhat feel where it was (proprioception refreshed).  He also claimed he could feel his left leg and had a tingling sensation in the leg which had long been insensitive.  I ended the application at this point.

As I raised the patient from the table he claimed he was moving the left leg, but since he was prone neither I nor his assistant could see any motion.  Finally standing and facing the assistant he was challenged by the assistant that it was not possible the leg would come back that fast if at all ever.  The patient then kicked the assistant in the shin (two foot distance) with the foot of the left leg to prove his point that the leg was revitalized somehow, and “had come alive just that fast”.  We all celebrated some, though the assistant was rubbing his shin quite a bit through out the congradualtions. 

The patient and I came to an agreement that the patient’s smoking would be severely reduced from 7 packs a day to 1 or less as a start on this new healing pathway.  I sternly warned him that the healing definitely would not “hold” over time if the extreme cigarette smoking habit continued.  The patient walked up the hallway with much less assistance than previous and was scheduled for approx. one week follow-up.

FOLLOW UP:  We’ve had two follow up sessions and the results of course have not been as dramatic, though more areas and muscle groups of the left leg are slowly coming alive and the left arm has more and more proprioception with slight movements noted in various positionings.  The patient attitude and demeanor are much more positive and his cigarette habit is down (with great effort on his part) to less than one pack per day of filtered cigarettes.  All physical function gains seem to be holding well with progressive progress and no regressions. 

A weakness in the lateral muscles of the left leg (L5 dermatome) requires the wearing of a left ankle brace at the present time to prevent ankle roll-over.  Knee action in the left leg is a possible 45’ while walking at the present time with (as mentioned above) strong forward and smooth slow forward as well as fast forward motion of the left foot and fore-leg all possible under the patient’s independent good conscious control.

Note: The Hmm therapy involves a 500 volt one micro amp Russian style ( some randomization of frequencies and wave forms) unipole (no ground pad) therapy harkening back to the physical therapy units built by Nikola Tesla’s company in the 1900 to 1919 era.  Test instruments indeed register uniform effects “head to toe” so to speak during therapy application fairly independent of the body contact point for the uni-pole.  It is FCC o.k.’d but being battery operated is independent of UL.  It complies with all FDA requirements.

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