Moving along County 9 North a few miles the rover passes Hidden Quarry Lake, now frozen solid by the eerie cold.  It is said that the lime stone blocks of the Seminary and the Dodge County Courthouse were cut from this quarry in the late 1800's.   A railroad is said to have run to and around the quarry to carry the cut and dried stones.  Over 100 years old the original courthouse was appended with a new structure in the 1990's in Mantorville.  TODAY this site provides a zillion year history of Minnesota with fossil records all along the walls showing (as you go from bottom to top edge)   life,then destruction, then life reappearing again after near total destruction.  Get permission from the neighboring farmstead however before entering this posted property.     A bit further onward the rover found a sign for 602 St. and turned right, then right again at 212 Ave. to find the old seminary ruins standing stark and alone.

The Rover approached respectfully and quietly since the seminary holds a tragic tale of civil war pathos and occassionally odd bad luck strikes those who are disrespectful. Leave no mark, take no trophies.

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