11/24/05  This has been an exciting month in an exciting year to the point of Jubilee.

A. (Personal Health) The basal cell cancer of my nose region finally responded to natural methods, which methods cannot be fully divulged here lest FDA hit all the thousands of nutrition and health shops and confiscate the magic final key substances I employed.  It surprised me (once I realized the odd skin formations and small ulcer were basal cell carcinoma) how tough it was to get rid of!  The sarcoma of the skull did stay for 18 years but when it finally went it went with a flourish in four days.  The basal cell seemed slower, friendlier, and almost normal to the extent that it was super resistant to natural methods. It has taken 90 days, but,  I feel very very blessed that I have been granted knowledge of these wondrous methods which involve nerve energy, arteriole dilations and health, liver vitality, and some other powerful ancient methods.

This is the third type of personal cancer problem I have dealt with see book offering (at hayfieldshopper.com ) to read about the first two) and at age 59 I think I finally have to admit that I am probably genetically predisposed.  I know from reading the historical texts (1850-1940) that at least one cancer researcher in the 1920's felt the ability to heal wounds super fast was a bad sign, and brothers and sisters I do indeed heal any cut or personal wound amazingly fast!  Another sign of predisposition given in the historical texts is late life sexual characteristics developement, and there again  I score 100 with even my wife remarking she feels I was insincere to marry her (35 years ago) with no hair on my chest, and then to develop chest hair 30 years later.  OF COURSE there are advantages to this genotype since it is also extremely long lived provided the cancer tendencies don't finish the game early.

B. (Clinical)  Resected a post surgical sciatic root nerve accident in four sessions with chiropractic work to the spine and ACCEL such that paralysis was gone and motion returned to normal so fast we lost no muscle mass to speak of, however pain took 36 more ACCEL session before it even decreased 10%, and then the woman's insurance stopped supporting care.  So it was great JOY (to restore motion) but also sadness that the pain syndrome was so recalcitrant.  M.D. surgeon (who accidently nicked the nerve) wrote long term pain killer prescription and the lady is managing fairly o.k., but I am still a bit sad that I could not complete the task of restoration.  Nerve damage was apparently not a total severance, but more of a longitudinal damaging.  She had been paralysed in leg for four days upon first visit here, and my suspicion is that time was of the essence.  The ACCEL did well however with shockingly surprisingly good results relative to motoricity restoration.

C. (Clinical)  I have named the current colds and sinusitis problems (Nov 05) "the discouraging flu" since the patients heat up, suffer lymphadenitis, then ache severely.  There are 2 major problems: #1 People seem asymptomatic yet contagious for the first ten to fourteen days so the virus is becoming pandemic.  #2.  The typical sinusitis confirming a "cold" is late with the aches and pains first.   Thank the Lord for ultrasound spine scan since I can differentially diagnose exactly what is happening.  Otherwise for example a whip-lash (sprain strain) patient can get so discouraged when seemingly their case blows sky high after some weeks of progressively successful therapy here at the Rochester Spine Care & Alternative Healing Center (Roch. Mn.).  When I show them the histamine signs and lymph signs on the ultrasound scanner video screen all returns to a confident progress and simply the patient waiting for the flu to pass with the help of some natural herbals.  No guess work, no confusion.  Without ultrasound scan I might be in St. Mary's Hospital by now under sedation for MY nerves !

(I remember what it was like ten years ago before ultrasound spine scan when in a cold and flu season like this I would wonder whether I had lost my touch or something.  Very discouraging nasty little virus.

D. (World)  If you are a doctor of Chiropractic visit Tim Bolen's website  ( quackpotwatch ) or go to Dr. Barrett's website (use Yahoo or Google it is something like "quackwatch", just type in "Barrett M.D." or quackwatch and see what happens) and get a feel for the enemies of your profession.  Sorry you cannot remain innocent and live anymore.  It is a tough World with super prejudicial opinions out there (based on very nil evidence):  In my opinion Barrett is so bitter he even defaces his own profession:  Regard this e-mail I sent to the network which supported an interview with him to see what I mean THEN JOIN YOUR STATE ASSOCIATION TODAY.  I REPEAT you cannot remain naively innocent and live any longer, you will not have a profession pretty quick unless YOU fight for it.  I dare you to go find Tim (our champion) or Barrett (apparently hates chiropractic) and wake up and JOIN NOW.  Your patients need chiropractic, YOU must fight for it, it is your duty and your oath to not fail your patients!  

(E-mail was as follows:) Please help your radio show with Jim Bohannan to avoid so defacing and credibility losing a show as the one he did Wednesday evening (11/23/05) on vacinations with Dr. Barrett M.D. It was so inaccurate it probably caused major losses of credibilty for Jim that he would even interview such an M.D. with such narrow views as to become ridiculous. #1. Medicine did not get where it is by political influence alone. I am a Medical historian and personally own over 54 original volumes from the mid 1800's to the mid 1900's. The historical Medical doctors were very intelligent AND VERY SKILLED and effective. Barrett in his ignorance made fun of Medicine's history which is a proud history of triumphs over many bacteria, breakthroughs in public health, and very astute science in spite of what we might call crude and basic tools of investigation.

Historically SILVER AND COPPER were very effective antibiotics, they just could not kill anaerobics in a deep wound nor kill streptococcus. Thus penicillin's fame when it was commercialized. Penicillin could indeed clean out a deep wound infection. The use of mercury compounds in vaccines was derived from the general use of metallic antibiotics in the early 1900's.

In the era 1850-1895 herbs were medicine. Laugh at herbals and you are laughing at Medicine's very effective and skilled history. Breast cancer was cured in 21 days in 70% of the women who were struck by it using an herbal preparation that was so common it is only vaguely referred to (since every doctor commonly employed it FIRST on a trial basis) , the other 30% went to surgery. Barret on your show in my opinion was an embarrassment to Medicine. Your show and you Jim did not do your homework before this embarrassing set.

Further Dr. Barrett debases Chiropractic while he frets over Polio which is the very disease that proved the Chiropractic principle. Polio kills nerves, not muscles, not bone, yet so many victims wound up with whithered arms or legs having lost muscle and experienced the complete STOPPAGE of bone growth after the Polio attack.  Nerve energy loss caused loss of every healthful aspect supplied by the nerve WHICH IS EXACTLY THE CORE PRINCIPLE OF CHIROPRACTIC.  Dr. Barrett's understanding of both Polio and Chiropractic therefore seemed expressly extremely limited, which is surprisingly deficient  for the knowledge base of an M.D.

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