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Information for professionals studying and reading the Spinal Ultrasound Imaging Training Course (USB)

Save the costs and stresses of travel, study at your convenience in the comfort of
your own home and learn from the U.S. Patent Holder, Dr. J.D. Reid D.C.



Spinal Ultrasound Imaging

The Institute for Spinal Ultrasound Imaging


Dr. J. D. Reid D.C.

(U.S. Patent holder,spinal nerve root imaging 1992:)

New PAID FULL OR LIMITED COURSE FREE editions for the year 2010


 Free version call 507-281-4040 to register.

 Minnesota central time zone:


Purchase the USB training course:

Pricing for 2010 : $750.00  What you receive in the FULL paid for course: (Free offer has online KEY only.)

  • 5 Textbooks mailed to your address
  • Training video and lab training DVD
  • Training CD
  • Keycode for all online course / training material

FREE is free with registration OR FOR PAID IN FULL We accept Amex, Visa, Mastercard, and Pay Pal .

To order  507-281-4040 M, W, Fri (USA) 9A.M. – 8 P.M.

Once payment has been received the PAID IN FULL VERSION student will be:

A.    Mailed textbooks, DVD and CD

B.   Given access through Personal passphrase & I.D. to the course through the main index listing ON-LINE:  

The on-line course is by the U.S. Patent holder, Dr. Reid, as well as on-line hints, notes, and graphics:  The PAID IN FULL student or  doctor will receive a set of special WEB oriented textbooks to help long term references and immediate study.  Slice Anatomy and Technicians Manual are included as well as other pertinent texts all in the special "W" editions for the Web oriented course work.

The on-line part of the course is locked and encrypted. The student will be required to take hand notes just as he or she might if sitting in classes.  Student manipulations of the course will be tracked and copyright violation may result in denial of further access.  For the paid in full version once tuition is received textbooks will be mailed (U.S. Mail) and a smooth working almost invisible seamless encryption decoder key will be enabled for the student computer with the above listed limits as part of the decoder content.  Only one key per computer per student will be permitted.

Note: Get the reader software: If you do not have Adobe Reader 5.0 or above:   The ultrasound course and all pass-word protected health articles are in .pdf format so please bookmark this page.

Click here to go to adobe.com/downloads and download the English version of AdobeReader 6.0 now (-------) FREE!  (I have no control over Adobe sites of course so if this link does not work please type "adobe reader" or "adobe.com" into any search engine to find the download site for the reader 6.0 English version, it has always been FREE for the asking, and the Adobe company is a popular well known institution.)


PASSWORDS NEEDED for links below this line:

(for ultrasound spine scan course or general health articles )

The full NEW professional USB Course link

If you have tested Internet Explorer and all O.K., and you have  Adobe installed, and you have your  TEXTBOOKS SHIPMENT and you have your password to the full NEW USB Course :click this line new "ultrasound spine scan"™ course linkage click here:


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